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I look through my lens in an attempt to capture the same feelings I have in my heart.

About Me

-Michael E
Michael E is a portrait, lifestyle, and fine arts photographer specializing in capturing the artistic expressions of his clients through creative photographic imagery.
Michael E’s willingness to showcase clients in their best light while strategically pausing life for them in their brightest hour and, or darkest moments with brief shutter clicks is a privilege that Michael E holds near and dear to his heart.



Michael E diverse career has cultivated his unique ability of capturing moments and emotions in beautiful ways, a skill that perfectly translates into his work.



Dedicated to visual storytelling, Michael E approach to videography allows him to deliver exceptional visual content throughout every project. 


Drone Certified

Staying on top of the latest tech, Michael E holds a full Drone Operator’s licence allowing him to capture footage that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. 

Our Testimonials 

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